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It Must Be Lola's Lucky Day

It's hard to believe that a pup like the one below is actually unwanted. With sparkling gray eyes and an infectious personality, this little guy was part of a large group of dogs rescued from a local kill shelter. Lola's Lucky Day, the amazing group responsible for the rescue, is a Texas-based organization that focuses on rescuing Texas pups and sending them to Wisconsin. Wisconsin doesn't have nearly the level of animal overpopulation as Texas does. This allows Lola's to more easily rehome shelter animals in Wisconsin.

Our Founder Kylie, roadtripped with Chloe and their friend Roberto to make sure these pups got to their destination. Roberto's friend Dave had mentioned the trip to Kylie and Roberto, who are both young entrepreneurs that believe in giving back to their community. For Freckle Foot, the trip was very personal because Kylie has made it her mission to rescue 500 dogs in her life. She has already rescued five, and with approximately 45+ dogs rescued with Lola's, she's that much closer to her goals!

We asked Lola's Lucky Day president and founder Larissa Gavin for more information on her mission: **Freckle Foot: How can the public support your cause? **Larissa: The '100 Club' is a group of individuals that commits to helping Lola's every month. We spend several hundred dollars for each dog getting proper authority and health clearances to allow them to travel to their new homes. The monthly vet bills, alone, are INCREDIBLY high so our rescued pups are so appreciative for your help!

If you are blessed with the ability to do so, Kylie and Chloe urge you to help our furry friends that find themselves in kill shelters.

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