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Blogger Mandy Steven

You might have recently seen an amazing style blogger running around with our Chloe leash on social. (See below)

This amazing human is Mandy Steven. She’s a makeup artist, fashion advisor, clean eating advocate, mom, and wife. Although she’s from a small town in Kansas, her style is anything but small. She works with Chanel and Laura Mercier, and has several SERVICES on her site that she can do for you…even virtually!

She has a great sense of style, and we highly suggest you download the LikeToKnow.It mobile app and follow her! If you want to do the IG route, she’s @mandysteven. If you’re worried about spending too much on a holiday outfit, Mandy has some great suggestions for pieces that won’t cost a fortune. Check out her Amazon page here.

If you’re traveling for the holidays with your pup, take a page from Mandy’s book and grab our Chloe leash here!

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